Law Student Membership

SBA works in coalition with LGBT and allied law students at the five Georgia law schools to provide speakers for student educational programs, to develop mentoring programs, and to provide opportunities for the students to interact with practicing legal professionals. 

Membership for law students is FREE and you can apply through our membership page.

Each year, at least two law students are elected to serve a year-long term on the SBA Board of Directors.  The Student Board Members’ primary responsibility is to act as liaison between SBA and the LGBT law students at the Georgia law schools as well as to develop programs to assist law students in transitioning into and out of law school and into practicing law.

For more information about Stonewall Law Student Membership, contact Law Student Outreach Committee Co-Chairs, Molly O'Connor or Katy Appleby.

You may also contact the schools directly and ask whether they have a current gay/lesbian student organization.  See the Legal Resources page for links to the web pages of the Georgia law schools.

Questions?  Contact Barret Broussard or Molly O'Connor.

The Stonewall Bar Association of Georgia, Inc. is a not-for-profit business league,

dedicated to promoting the interests of LGBT legal professionals and their allies.

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